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Ashīna アシーナ

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Q: How do you say Athena in japanese?
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How do you prey to Athena?

You start of with: "Dear Goddess Athena,' and then say what you want to say.

How do you contact Athena?

People say you go to the greek temples and pray to Athena to help!

What is Athena Famous for?

she was famous for being the goddess of wisdom crafts war and wearing.

Who is Athena's mother?

Athena's mother is Metis, the Titanness of wisdom.

Where has Athena lived?

Athena lived in the past but some say that her spirit still exists in Athens.

How do you say editor in Japanese?

how to say "editor" in japanese

How do you say old Japanese illustrations in Japanese Thank you in advance?

To say old Japanese illustrations in Japanese, you say "Mukashi no Nihon no irasuto".

Who do you say inside in Japanese?

we say Nakagawa if we want to say inside in Japanese.

How do you say french fries in Japanese?

フライドポテト is how you say it in japanese'

How do you say tennis in Japanese?

To say tennis in Japanese.........テニス

How do you say melon in Japanese?

メロン is how you say melon in Japanese.

How to say telekenisis in japanese?

Terekineshisu is the word for telekinesis in the Japanese language.