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Benjamin = been-yah-meen (בנימין)

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Q: How do you say Benjamin in Hebrew?
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What might a boy named Benjamin have as his Hebrew name?

Benjamin is already a Hebrew name. In Hebrew, it would be pronounced been-yah-meen.

What is Robert and Benjamin in Hebrew?

'Benjamin' is a Hebrew name, found in the Bible (see Genesis 35:16) and pronounced "BEEN-ya-MEEN". 'Robert' is not a Hebrew name.

What has the author Benjamin Davies written?

Benjamin Davies has written: 'A Hebrew reading book' -- subject(s): Hebrew language, Readers

Is Benjamin a Jewish name?

"Benny" or "Ben" comes from "Benjamin" (Hebrew: Binyamin, בנימין), and Benjamin is a Jewish name.

What has the author Benjamin Benari written?

Benjamin Benari has written: 'Let's talk Hebrew'

What is the language of Benjamin Netanyahu?

The language of Benjamin Netanyahu is Hebrew, as he is the Prime Minister of Israel. He may also be fluent in other languages such as English.

What is the Hebrew word for Benjamin?

בנימין (been-yah-meen)

When was Benjamin Say born?

Benjamin Say was born in 1755.

When did Benjamin Say die?

Benjamin Say died in 1813.

How do you spell Robert Natasha and Benjamin in Hebrew?

Robert = רוברט Natasha = נטשה Benjamin = בינימין

How do you say hand in Hebrew?

You say 'Yalda' in Hebrew

How many languages does Benjamin Netanyahu speak?

Benjamin Netanyahu is fluent in both Hebrew and English. He also has some knowledge of Spanish from his time living in the United States.