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' Cómo está hoy mi hombre? ' / ' Cómo está mi hombre hoy? '

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Q: How do you say How is my man doing today in Spanish?
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How do you say what do you guys feel like doing today in Spanish?

que quieren hacer hoy? "what do you(plural) want to do today?" que debemos hacer hoy? "what should we do today?"

How are you doing everyone in spanish?

¿Cómo estàs ustedes? is how you say "how are you doing everyone?" in spanish.

How do you say how are you doing today in twi?

You can say "Ι›te sΙ›n?" in Twi to ask someone how they are doing today.

How do you say doing in spanish?


How you say doing good in spanish?

Doing good = haciendo bueno but this sounds terrible in Spanish. Generally speaking you should say "doing well" which is haciendo bien.

How do you get a man that you have a crush on to love YOU?

sa uhing of his and walk away and flip ur hair or say how u doing today

How do you say what are you doing today in German?

What are you doing today is Was machst du heute in German.

How do you say 'what are you doing' in spanish?

¿Qué haces?

How do i say What are you doing in Spanish?

Que hace?

How do you say doing what in Spanish?

haciendo lo

How do you say I'm doing in spanish?


How do say what you doing in spanish?

¿Qué haces?