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Tá mé ag fanacht in óstán deas.

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Q: How do you say I'm staying in a beautiful hotel in Irish?
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How do you say hotel in Irish?


How do you say Irish the beautiful?


What does alainn in Irish mean?

Neamh alainn is an Irish phrase that means not beautiful. If you wanted to say she thinks she is not beautiful in Irish, you would say shíleann sí nach bhfuil sí go hálainn.

How do you say beautiful daughter in Irish?

Iníon deas.

How do you say you are beautiful in Irish?

álainn is the Irish for Beautiful.. Cailín álainn (colleen awling)"Beautiful Girl" in Irish Gaelic

How do you say it is a beautiful tree in Irish?

crann álainn é

How do you say beautiful dog in Irish Gaelic?

madra álainn

How do you say beautiful cake in Irish Gaelic?

císte deas

How do you say beautiful view in Irish?

Radharc álainn (ryrk-awlin)

How do you say the coffee is beautiful in Irish?

Tá an caife iontach blasta

How do you say beautiful in Celtic?

In Celtic languages, you can say "beautiful" as "breΓ‘" in Irish Gaelic, "prydferth" in Welsh, and "beli" in Cornish.

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