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Q: How do you say May you live a thousand years in Irish?
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What does the Gaelic word maire mean?

Máire is the Irish form of Mary; maire means 'live' as in 'Go maire tú' (May you live) (Irish)

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What is the Irish for 'May you live as long as you want but not want as long as you live'?

The Irish translation of May you live as long as you want, but not want as long as you live is Go maire tú chomh fada agus is mian leat, ach nach bhfuil ag iarraidh chomh fada agus a gcÃ�³naÃ�­onn (?) tú. Irish is spoken as a first language by a small minority of Irish people.

Are you from Ireland cause my people are from Dublin?

If your people are from Dublin, then they are Irish. It will depend on where you are from, like where you were born and live to determine where you are from. You may have Irish ancestry through your people, but if you were not born in Ireland and don't live there, then you cannot fully claim to be Irish, although you will be able to get an Irish passport, if a parent or grandparent is from Ireland.

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Can an Irish person live permanently in England without a visa?

An Irish person can freely travel to and from England without any extra paperwork. However, Irish citizens who are not also British citizens cannot live in England unconditionally, and as such may be subject to deportation. An Irish citizen wishing to move to England is advised to obtain the appropriate legal paperwork to be able to either live permanently as an Irish citizen or become a British citizen.

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What is the month of May in Irish?

Bealtaine is May in Irish.