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Q: How do you say Monday in German?
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How do you say till Monday in German?

Bis Montag

How do you say see you Monday in German?

Ich werde sehen Sie am Montag.

What is the German word for monday?

The German word for Monday is "Montag."

How do you say i went back to school on monday in German language?

I went back to school on Monday = Am Montag bin ich wieder zur/in die Schule gegangen

How do you say on Monday i have bio?

You can say "On Monday, I have biology class."

What does montag mean in german?

Montag = Monday

How do you say monday is foggy?

"Monday will have foggy weather".

How to say its Monday in french?

To say "It's Monday" in French, you would say "C'est lundi."

How does Germany Celebrate Whit Monday?

Whit Monday (German: Pfingstmontag) is a Holy Day of Obligation, and a public holiday in Germany.

ESL question How do you express next next Monday in English second coming Monday or any better suggestion?

Next next Monday sounds horrible. If there is any confusion, just use the date. Lets say today is Saturday the 11th. Monday is the 14th. This Monday is the 14th. This coming Monday is the 14th. Not this Monday, but next Monday is Monday the 21st. A week from Monday is the 21st The Monday following this Monday is the 21st The Monday after this coming Monday is the 21st The Monday following next Monday is the 28th A week from next Monday is the 28th. The Monday after next Monday is the 28th There are many ways to say the same thing. There are many correct ways to say it, but next next Monday is an incorrect way.

What time does the German stock exchange open?

The German Stock Exchange opens Monday through Friday at 7am UTC. The U.S. Stock Exchange opens at 8am EST Monday through Friday.

How you say Monday in spanish?

"Monday" in Spanish is "el lunes", and is not capitalized.