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Styvfarfar or styvmorfar - please reference answer to grandfather.

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Q: How do you say Step Grandfather in Swedish?
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How do you say step grandfather in french?

Grandfather is translated into Grand-pere. Pere is french means father.

Did Obama say his step father served in World War 2?

No, he said his grandfather served.

Did President Obama say his father and step father were in World War 2?

No. He said his grandfather served. His father was African and his step father was Indonesian.

Is parent of step father step grandfather?


How you say and in swedish?

And is "och" in swedish.

What is the Swedish word for great grandfather?

This aspect of the Swedish language is surprisingly confusing. Swedish has four words for great-grandfather, all referring to separate people. These are: - farfars far (paternal grandfather's father) - dad's dad's dad - farmors far (paternal grandmother's father) - dad's mom's dad - morsfars far (maternal grandfather's father) - mom's dad's dad - morsmors far (maternal grandmother's father) - mom's mom's dad

Is bumpa Swedish for grampa?

Mother's father (maternal grandfather) - morfar Father's father (paternal grandfather) - farfar

What is grandfather's girlfriend?

Grandfather's girlfriend until he gets married. Then she is step-grandmother.

What ethnicity is the last name Taus?

My great, great grandfather's birth name was William Taus and he and his ancestors were full Swedish. So it's Swedish.

How do you say 'in Swedish' in Swedish?

På svenska

How do you say gold in Swedish?

"King" in Swedish is "kung".

How do say grandfather in Filipino?

Tagalog translation of GRANDFATHER: lolo