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Translation: Dos capuchinos por favor

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Q: How do you say Two cappuccinos please in Spanish?
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How do you say 'please' in Spanish'?

"Please" in Spanish is "por favor".

How do you say pretty please in spanish?

There is no direct translation for "pretty please". Simply say "Por Favor" (please).

How do you say 'in Spanish' in Spanish?

If you are asking someone to say something in Spanish you will use the phrase "en español porfavor" or "In Spanish please."

How do you say please you stank in Spanish?

por favor, que apestaba that's please you stank in spanish

How do you say 'Please answer' in Spanish?

please answer (English)=conteste por favor(Spanish)

How do you say can i have two coka colas please in spanish?

Puedo tener dos favor de Coca Cola

How do you say cameo in spanish answer it now please?

cameo is camafeo in spanish.

How do you say please is spanish?

"Por favor"

How do you say 'Can you have a cocktail please' in Spanish?

¿Se puede tomar un cóctel por favor? would be the best way to say "Can you have a cocktail please?" in Spanish.

How do you say please don't in spanish?

Por favor no.

How do you say bye or goodbye in Spanish please?


How do you say please in Argentina?

In Argentina, the most common way to say "please" is "por favor."