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ktsat (קצת)

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Q: How do you say a little bit in hebrew?
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How do you say a little bit in Russian?

To say "a little bit" in Russian, you can say "немного" (pronounced as "nemnogo").

How do you say little in Hebrew?

Katan (קטן)

How do you say ''little bit'' in moroccan?

Little bit = شوية pronounced : shwiya

You speak a little Hebrew?

If you're asking how to say "You speak a little Hebrew" in Hebrew, it's to a male: atah medaber ktsat ivrit to a female: at medaberet ktsat ivrit

How do you say a little busy in Hebrew?

asuk ktsat (עסוק קצת)

How close is the ESV Bible to the Greek Bible?

Most of the Bible was written in Hebrew, so your question is a little bit hard to answer. Some people say that the New Testament is written in Greek, others say Aramaic, but I am sure the whole Bible wasn't originally written in Greek, but mostly Hebrew.

What Languages does James Maslow speak?

HE speaks English -was born in NYC but grew up in San Diego, He can speak a little bit of Hebrew too

How do you say little bones in Hebrew?

little bones = atzamot ktanot (עצמות קטנות)

How do you say little bit in Malayalam?

In Malayalam, "little bit" is said as "വലിയതും അല്ലാതെ പക്ഷേ അത്തം" (valiyathum allathe pakshe atham).

How do you say little brain in Hebrew?

mo'ach katan (מוח קטן)

How do you say 'little angel' in Hebrew?

"Mal'ach katan" (מלאך קטן).

How do you say Little Women in Hebrew?

nashim ktanot (נשים קטנות)