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any questions :

- fe ase'eelaa

- hal mn so2al

- or in non-formal language which is familiar you can say -->

( had andoo so'aal )

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Q: How do you say any plans in Arabic?
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How do you say joe in Arabic?

There isn't any Joe in Arabic. However, Joseph exists in Arabic and it is Youssef or Youssof.

How do you say Do you have any plans today in french?

As-tu des plans pour aujourd'hui?

How do you say universe in Arabic?

If you want to say Arabic in Arabic this is how you say it=Arabi

How do Arabic men greet Arabic women?

They say as-salaamu alaykum like they do with any other Arab woman.

How do I say I don't have any sisters In Arabic?

ma indi akhwat

How do you say peace be with you Arabic?

How do you say peace be with you in Arabic?

How do you say 'i don't have any change' in Jordanian Arabic?

You could say " ma ma-ei srafeh"

How do you say 'disbeliever' in Arabic?

To say 'disbeliever' in Arabic, you would say 'kaffir.'

In Arabic what we say Ramadan or Ramadhan?

In Arabic we say Ramadan.

How do you say liver in Arabic?


How do you say with in Arabic?

With is مع in Arabic.

How do you translate is there any problem in Arabic?

Is there any problem :in formal Arabic you can say --> hal yowjad moshkelaa ??and it is written this way : هل يوجد مشكلة ؟؟in the non-formal language which is familiar and easier to deal with you can say --> fe moshkelee ??