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Un hombre malo.

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Q: How do you say bad guy in Spanish?
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How do you call a guy handsome in spanish?

You can say "guapo" to call a guy handsome in Spanish.

What does elmalo mean in spanish?

Translation of El Malo: The bad one, or the bad guy.

How do say bad in spanish?


How do you say I am bad in spanish?

I'm bad = soy malo

How do you say tough guy in spanish?

Tipo duro

How do you say 'too bad' in Spanish?

There are two ways that you can say "too bad" in Spanish, lástima or ¡qué pena!

How do you say mal in Spanish?

"Mal" in Spanish means "bad". In Spanish it is pronounced "mahl".

How do you say bad guy in french?


How do you say skinny guy in spanish?

Translation of skinny guy: Hombre/chico flaco

How do you say bad breakfast in Spanish?


How do you say my bad in Spanish?

Culpa mía.

What actors and actresses appeared in Say Hello to the Bad Guy - 2010?

The cast of Say Hello to the Bad Guy - 2010 includes: Jackie Chan as himself