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Áille f. Beauty Áilleacht f. 1. Beauty, loveliness. 2. Delight. The Sleeping Beauty, Ainnir an tSuan Fhada.

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Q: How do you say beauty in Irish?
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How do you say beauty in Irish Gaelic?


How do you say Beauty room in Irish?

seomra scéimhe / sciamhlann

How do youu say beauty queen in Irish?

'Banríon' comórtais áilleachta

How do you say beauty is pain in Gaelic?

In Irish it's "Is pian í an áilleacht"

What is the word for your beauty in Gaelic?

Irish - d'áilleacht

What does emeral mean?

=Emer means wonder and beauty. It's an old-irish name=

What is the celtics name for beauty?

In Irish it's "áilleacht"

How do you say my country in Irish?

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What is the Gaelic for 'eternal beauty'?

In Irish it's "áilleacht shíoraí"

What is the Irish word for beauty?

áilleacht / scéimh

How do you say for four days in Irish?

How do you say "for four days " in irish?

How do you say eggs in Irish?

The way to say egg in Irish is ubh