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pollo piccolo

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gamba di gallina

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Q: How do you say chicken legs in Italian?
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What is the Italian word for 'chicken'?

you would say pollo

Did Baba Yaga's house have goat legs frog legs chicken wings or chicken legs?

Baba Yaga's house have 2 chicken legs

How many chicken legs and pork legs in 100 unknown legs?

There are 30 chicken and 10 pigs.

What are chicken lovely legs?

In some Australian supermarkets chicken thighs are branded as chicken lovely legs .

How many grams is 3 chicken legs?

It depends on the size of the chicken legs...

Do chicken legs come from chicken?

Yes. In order to call them chicken legs, they must come from a chicken.

Where is chicken parmesan popular?

probably the u.s. eats the most. they eat the most pizza and Italian restaurants are everywhere. also it's easier to make than most Italian dishes Geggetta714: Yes it is eaten in the US. They say chicken parmesan is "Italian" but its not. It's Americanized food. if you were to ask an italian what it is they would be confused and say never heard of it. what is it...

What is 'chicken' when translated from English to Italian?

"Chicken" in English means pollo in Italian.

How many legs does a turkey have?

A chicken wing has 2 bones.

What is the Italian two word phrase for cooking chicken?

Al pollo is the Italian phrase for "with chicken".

How many chicken have legs?

All chickens have legs.

What the function of chicken legs?

For the chicken to stand on in the barnyard.