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cenar en Nepal

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Q: How do you say eat dinner in Nepal?
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How do you say 'what did they eat for dinner' in Spanish?

¿Qué comieron durante la cena? means "What did they eat during the dinner?"¿Cómo cenaron? means "How did they dine (at dinner)?"

Is it correct to say you are going to take dinner?

Yes. No, it is not. Usually, you say you are going to "have" dinner, or "eat" dinner. eg. I am going to have dinner at 8 o'clock tonight. You are going to eat dinner, even if you are sick. To "take" dinner brings up the image of one "taking," or "stealing," someone else's dinner. Hope this helps !

Is it correct to say 'I had gone for dinner' or 'i had gone to take dinner'?

"I had gone for dinner" can be used to say: (past tense) that you went out to get dinner and bring it back - you could instead say: I had gone to get dinner. Alternatively, it could mean (past tense) that you went out to eat dinner - you might want to say: I had gone out to eat dinner. Or, it could mean (past tense) that you were not there for dinner - in this case, a different phrasing could be: I had gone and would not be there for dinner, or, I had gone at dinner time. Please add a comment if you found this helpful, or would like to know more. :)

How do you say can i eat dinner with you in spanish?

Puedo comer cena contigo?

How do we say Nepal in french?

How do you say nepal in french

What is the spanish word for dinner?

La Cena usually means dinner, the verb cenar means specifically to eat dinner you could also say comer la cena meaning to eat dinner. Is some places the word la comida is used to say the main meal of the day (usually lunch but sometimes dinner) it literally means food.

How do you say Nepal in napalie?


What are independent clauses in this sentence you burned your dinner you went out to eat?

The whole sentence is an independent clause. Unless...... if you were trying to say: You burned your dinner and you went out to eat.This would me 2 independent clause. These would be (you burned your dinner) and (you went out to eat)

What do sharks eat for dinner?

Sharks eat fish for dinner

How do you say can to eat dinner in spanish?

Supper is cena in spanish. Hope that helps!

What do they not eat in Nepal?


Do horses eat monkeys for dinner?

No horses do not eat monkeys for dinner.