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Esta durmiendo (accent on the 'a')

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He dormido con su/tu hombre (Formal/informal)

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Q: How do you say he is sleeping in spanish?
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How do you say them sleeping in spanish?

Duermen/estan durmiendo = they are sleeping

How do you say she is sleeping in Spanish?

'Ella esta durmiendo'.

How do you say I am sleeping in spanish?

estoy durmiendo or just "i sleep" : duermo

How do you say Sleeping Beauty in spanish?

La Bella Durmiente

How do you say my little prince is sleeping in spanish?

mi pequeño principe esta durmiendo.

How do you say people dream when ever their sleeping in spanish?

The phrase "people dream whenever they're sleeping" translates into Spanish as "gente sueña cuando están durmiendo" - according to Google translator.

How do you say sleeping alone in Spanish?

Pasar tiempo a solas

How do you say his father is sleeping in spanish?

Translation: Su padre está durmiendo. OR Su padre duerme.

How do you write sleeping in spanish?

Dormiendo-Sleeping Duerme-sleep

How do you wright sleeping in spanish?

You write it like this: dormiendo.

How do you say i am sleeping in Malayalam?

You can say "ഞാന്‍ ഉറക്കമുള്ള ആണ്" in Malayalam, which translates to "I am sleeping."

What are some spanish traditions?

sleeping during the day (siesta)