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When meeting someone for the first time start with "ha-ji-me-ma-sh-te" and end the introduction with "dou-zo-yo-ro-sh-ku".

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Q: How do you say hello nice to meet you in japanseaes?
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How do you greet a lady?

To greet a lady you can say say hello, how are you, or nice to meet you.

What will you say if you meet Eugene Zhuang?

Hello Eugene! It's nice to meet you. How are you doing today?

Is Ahhn Niyong Ha Say Yo how you say hello in Korean?

yes, it could also mean: how are you? or hello! nice to meet you.

Can people say hello?

Yes, people can say "hello" as a common form of greeting when they meet or see each other.

Why do you say hello when you meet somebody or when you answer the phone?

I just say hello

How do you say nice to meet you in igbo?

To say "nice to meet you" in Igbo, you would say "Nnọọ."

How do I write 'hello my name is Trey its very nice to meet you' in Spanish?

You could say "Hola, me llamo Trey. Es un placer conocerte."

How do you say Nice to meet you in Yoruba language?

To say "Nice to meet you" in Yoruba, you can say "Ẹ kuọ́lẹ́."

How do you say hello distant relative in french?

"Bonjour parent éloigné" but that sounds very odd. You may just want to say "Bonjour ravie de vous rencontrer" it means "Hello nice to meet you" vous is a polite version of 'you'.

What do you say when you meet a two headed dragon?

, .

What is the Chinesse words to say nice meet you?

ni hao ma Ma indicates a question in Chinese so this is really - 'how are you?' Hen gao xing jia dao ni - is nice to meet you. A typical greeting could be: Ni hao, hen gao xing jia dao ni. - Hello, nice to meet you.

When to say nice to meet you to someone?

When You First Meet Them.