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Years are something you own in Spanish, so you say "I have ____ years" For 20, the sentence is, "Tengo veinte anos" Pronunciation: Tayhn-go vayhn-tay anyoes

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Q: How do you say i am twenty in spanish?
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How do you say twenty five more in Spanish?

"Twenty-five dollars" in English is veinticinco dólaresin Spanish.

How do you say one hundred and twenty in Spanish?

Ciento veinte

How do you you say 23 in spanish?


How do you say twenty-one in Spanish?

The word for "twenty-one" in Spanish is "veintiuno." It is pronounced, "BAIN-tee-oo-no." (see related link)

How do you say two hundred twenty four in spanish?

doscientos veinticuatro

How do you say at seven twenty in spanish?

a las siete y veinte

How do you say twenty-fifth of august in spanish?

25 (veinticinco) de agosto

How do you say twenty five in Spanish?

The number 25 is pronounced: "veinticinco"

How do you say that it is eight-twenty in spanish?

Que son las ocho (y) veinte.

How do you say it is twenty after ten o'clock in spanish?

Son las diez (y) veinte.

How do you say its twenty til nine in spanish?

son las nueve menos veinte

How do you say twenty-first in spanish?

vigésimo primero, aunque también es posible vigesimoprimero.