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Me gusta tocar la flauta. = I like to play the Flute.

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saxofono or


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Me gusta tocar un instrumento.

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Q: How do you say i like to play the flute in spanish?
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How do you say flute in spanish?


How do you say she plays the flute in Spanish?

ella toca la flauta

Play a flute or a trupet?

um i play a flute and if you are asking which one you should play, i would sugest playing the flute if you are good with your fingers and trumpet if you are best at um lets say sound control

Which was made first the piano or the flute?

This depends on the player. Some will find one easier than the other. Some find them equally challenging.Flute music is usually easier to read, however; because the flute can only play one note at a time. Piano, of course, can play many notes at a time.Well, it really does depend on the player and on which kind of music they like better. Let's say that the flute and the piano are equally challenging, but I like to play the flute. And let's say that I play the piano...I would obviously think that it was hard. However, if i was playing the flute, i would probably think that it was fun and easy.The advantage is that if you already knew how to play the piano, and you want to learn how to play the flute, it'll be really easy because you already know all the notes! Good luck, everyone!

How do you play the flute HeartGold?

You will have to move that circle thing to the very top of the radio, then it will say poke flute at the top.

How do you get the azure flute start blowing in Pokemon diamond?

you open your bag and press a on the flute. it will say do you want to play it say yes and the stairs will apear.

Where do you play the azure flute to get Arceus?

you go to the top of mt. coronet and stand on the first tile and it asks you if you want to play it and you say yes you also need a chansey to play the flute

How do you say I like to play with in Spanish?

Me gusta jugar con los amigos.

How do you say do you like to play volleyball in spanish?

Te gusta jugar al voleibol?

How do you say i like to play in the snow in spanish?

Me gusta jugar en la nieve.

How do you say we don't like to play guitar in spanish?

No nos gusta tocar a la guitarra

How do i say i like to play with my dog in Spanish?

A mi me gusta jugar con mis perros.