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prima = cousin who is a girl

primo = cousin who is a boy

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Primo for a boy or man

Prima for a girl or woman

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Cousins in spanish is primos.

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Q: How do you say in spanish cousin?
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How do you say not much cousin in spanish?

You could say "No mucho, primo" (Prima for a female cousin)

How do you say from your cousin in Spanish?

De tu primo(a)

How do you say cousin John in Spanish?

primo Juan

How do you say 'hello cousin' in Spanish?

hola primo

How do you say you know my cousin in Spanish?

You could say "¿Conoces a mi primo?"

How so you say boy cousin in spanish?

primo nino

How do you say kelly is my cousin in spanish?

Kelly es mi prima.

How do you say cousin's dog in Spanish?

El perro del primo.

How do you say cuse words in spanish?

A male cousin is a 'primo.'A female cousin is a 'prima.'

How do you say my cousin is smart in spanish?

mi primo es muy inteligente

How do you say How is my beautiful cousin in Spanish?

Que es mi primo hermoso?

How do you say happy birthday to female cousin in spanish?

Feliz cumpleaños, prima!