How do you say kids in greek?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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παιδιά (peth-ee-AH)

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Q: How do you say kids in greek?
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What do greek kids eat?

Depending on the age but most greek kids love a simple greek salad or greek style kebabs

How do you say the word the in the Greek language?

Its ''το'' and ''τα'' for plural. The kid : το παιδί The kids :τα παιδιά

What are facts about the greek gods?

SOME say they love potatoes and enjoy eating wifes then the kids pop out hope it that helps

How many kids did Persephone the greek goddess have?

She had no kids.

How many kids did Aphrodite - greek goddess have?

she had 41 kids

Did hades greek God have kids?


How do you say united in ancient greek?

how do you say unite in greek

How do you say athletic in Greek?

You can say athlete in Greek by saying athlitis. If you wanted to say the word sports in Greek it would be athlitismos.

A kids allowed to see get him in the greek?


Who did the Greek god Zeus have kids with?


Who were Dione's kids in Greek mythology?


Who are Apollos the Greek god kids?

Apollos, the Greek god, had several children in Greek mythology including Orpheus, Asclepius, and Aristaeus. Orpheus is known for his musical talent, Asclepius is the god of medicine and healing, and Aristaeus is associated with agriculture and beekeeping.