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Dáithín would be an equivalent.

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Q: How do you say little david in Irish?
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How do you say little Irish flower in Irish?

'little rose' is in English and has no meaning in Irish.

How do you say little Irish flower in Irish Gaelic?

Bláithín Éireannach in IRISH Gaelic.

How do you say little in Irish Gaelic?


How do you say 'little Irish girl' in Irish Gaelic?

Cailín beag Éireannach

How do you say little in Irish?

beag. pronounced b-yug

How do you say little beauties in Irish?

Rudaí beaga cuidsúlacha (little beautiful things).

How do you say Wales in Irish?

An Bhreatain Bheag --- literally "Little Britain"

How do you say david grant in Irish?

Dáibhí Grannd or Dáithí Grannd. Dáibhí is David; Dáithí is an older Irishname that is 'translated' as David. Grannd is a Scottish surname.

How do you say kimberly and David in Gaelic?

In Irish: Kimberly, Dáithí. In Scottish Gaelic: Kimberly, Daibhidh

How do you say Little princess in Irish?

It's banphrionsa beag.

What is David Archuleta's ethncicy?

David is Hispanic, Latin, and a little bit of Irish. His Dad, Jeff, is Basque, and those people come from Spain. His mother, Guadalupe is Honduran, who comes from the country of Honduras in Mexico. I'm not sure where the Irish plays in.

When was David Parkes - Irish footballer - born?

David Parkes - Irish footballer - was born in 1950.