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Lujuria (loohkooREE-ah)

anhelo vehemente (ahNAYlaw bay-ay-MENtay)

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Q: How do you say lust in Spanish?
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What is the Latin word for lust?

The Latin word for lust is the word concupiscentiam. The word lust in Spanish is lujuria and in Italian it is lussuria.

How do you say I lust in Spanish?

I believe you made a typo , but "I lost" in Spanish is "perdí" That is also how you pronounce it , except it is said more like PER-DE. I hope that helps(:

Is lust jealousy?

NO. It is not correct to say that lust is equivalent to jealousy.

How do you say lust in tagalog?

the closest translation of this (lust) is "libog" if lust means excessive sexual appetite but for any other meaning of lust like -lust of power = hayok/kahayukan -lust for money = gahaman

How do you say lust in French?


How do you say lust in German?

noun # Wollust # Lust # Sinneslust # Begierde # Gier # Brunst # Verlangen verb # gieren

What does lujuria mean?

It's Spanish for lust and lasciviousness; as is in an unquenchable desire for something or someone.

How do you say I lust you?

Well to be honest, you say I want you bad...really bad

Why did the Spanish explorer South America?

The European lust for gold and treasure was the real reason that the Spanish explored and decimated South America.

Were spanish conquerors who were motivated by religious zeal?

Probably they were more motivated by greed, and a lust of power.

What is the Kannada word for 'lust'?

In Kannada, we would say: Bhagaapekshe.

If a guy asks you out but never talks to you did he love you or lust for you?

Lust, Love would mean he was interested in all aspects of you from your looks to personality Lust would be where he only wants you for sexual reasons and your body and nothing else so in this case i would say lust.