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Watashi no kokoro 私の心 (female)

Boku no kokoro 僕の心 (male)

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Q: How do you say my heart in japanese?
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How do you say you heart in Japanese?

heart is kokoro

How do you say Break my heart in Japanese?

my heart

How do you say in my heart in Japanese?

私の心の中is the way to say 'in my heart' in the Japanese language. hope i have helped! :)

How do you say fire heart in Japanese?


How do you say dark heart in Japanese?


How do you say black heart in Japanese?


How do you say crescent heart in Japanese?

Mikazuki no kokoro

How do you say from your heart when translated from English to Japanese?

You may say 'kokoro kara,' which literally (and conveniently) means "from the heart."

How do you say soul with a heart in Japanese?

心魂 Shinkon

What does mune mean in Japanese?

Japanese word "mune" is literally "chest". In context, though, it may mean "heart" in an emotional expression, such as in English we say "heavy heart" or "my heart leaped"

How do you say hearts in Japanese?

Heart is Kokoro こころ

How do you say heart of a dragon in japanese?

Ryuu no kokoro 竜の心