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mera naam _____ hai

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خوش میرا نام ہے

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Q: How do you say my name is in Hindi?
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How do you say my name is is Hindi?

gaurav singh

How do you say hello my name is in Hindi?

You can say "नमस्ते, मेरा नाम है" (namaste, mera naam hai) in Hindi to mean "hello, my name is."

How do you say my name in Hindi?

mera naam _____ hai

What is broccoli called in Hindi or in India?

broccoli has no Hindi name, but u can say "Hari Phool Gobhi".

How do you ask some1 there name in Hindi?

To ask someone their name in Hindi, you can say "Aapka naam kya hai?" which translates to "What is your name?".

How do you say someone in Hindi?

Someone is called as KOI in Hindi. It is the word to give anonymous name to any object or person.

What do you say introduction in Hindi?

what do we say introduction in hindi

How do you say give thanks in Hindi?

In hindi you can say "Dhanyvad".

How do you say peacock in Hindi?

they will say mor for peacock in Hindi

How do you say 'courage' in Hindi?

For 'courage', we say 'sahas' in Hindi.

What do you say touching in Hindi?

we say touching in hindi as chuna

How do you say classmate in Hindi?

सहपाठी is how you say classmate in Hindi.