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bruit means noise

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Q: How do you say noise in french?
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How do you say noise machine in french?

du bruit des machines

How do you say they make noise in the night in french?

Ils font du bruit :)

How do you say Christmas cracker in French?

"Christmas cracker" (a small noise-maker that you pop open) is "un pirate de Noël" in French.

How do you say 'he is quiet' in French?

Il est tranquille (at peace), il est silencieux (doesn't make any noise)

How do you spell noise in french?

Bruit (pronounced 'brWEEh, the 'r' is rolled as in Russian)

How do you say tick in french?

Tick: 1 (parasite) tique2 (clock noise) tic, followed by toc3 (mark of approval) coche

Is write to say backlash noise?

Yes, it is right to say "backlash noise".

How do you 'that is stunning' in French?

There are many French words for 'stunning'. You might say 'C'est stupefiant' or impressionnante, sensantionnel or fantastique. If you were thinking of physically stunning, like a loud noise, you'd say 'C'est etourdissant'. (The e should have an acute accent).

What will we say the first when we are presenting about Noise pollution?

What is the sentences we say in the first when we are presenting about Noise pollution a seminar

What is son in French?

a son (English) > un fils (French)un son (French) > a sound, a noise (English)

When can you say that music is not a form of noise pollution?

You can say music is not a form of noise pollution when it's pleasant to the ear/hearing.

What is the difference between voice and noise?

the difference between voice and noise is the voice is somebody speaking and it is smooth and mellow and noise means loud and mad if you think say noise in your head when you say noise you just no what it means loud big and it could mean danger as well.