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trepando rocas

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escalar rocas

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Q: How do you say rock climb in Spanish?
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Why should you rock climb?

To climb up rocks which say that a Pokemon may be able to scale it.

How do you say i rock in spanish?


How do you say I like in spanish?

"Me gustas." - Platonic"Te quiero." - Something a little gustas is how you say I like you in Spanish Language.

Where to get rock climb in pearl?

Rock climb is located in Route 217.

Can you get the HM rock climb in ruby?

theres a house with a guy in it on the route to snowpoint city he will say he lost his rock climb and go to the back of the house get it and bring it to him you will keep it and get a icicle plate stay left in the giant blizzard to find the house.

How to get rock climb in diamond?

you get the rock climb HM and give it to a Pokemon that use it

When was Amber Rock Climb created?

Amber Rock Climb was created in 2010.

Where do you get rock climb Pokemon Platinum?

The HM Rock climb is on route 217.

Where To Get The HM Rock Climb?

The HM Rock climb can be found on route 217. The icicle Gym badge is required to use Rock climb outside of battle.

How do you get the move rock climb in heartgold and soul silver?

You get rock climb at the one of the gyms

Where do you get HM rock climb for a Pokemon?

You find HM rock climb on route 217.

What city is rock climb in Pokemon platnium?

Rock Climb is on your way to Snowpoint City.