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Stand up means أقف in formal Arabic

It's pronounced /akef/, a as in arm

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Q: How do you say stand up in Arabic?
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How do you say standup in Arabic?

Stand up = Qef ( in Arabic ). and it written in Arabic this way : قف

How do you say stand in Arabic?

Stand is pronounced Wa'if, wagif, or waqif depending on the accent, and it is spelled وقف in Arabic.

What can ahmad stand for?

stand fr arabic

How do you say stand up in tahiTian?

A Tia (i nia) = Stand (up)

How do you say 'stand up' in Hebrew?

to stand (up) = 'amad (עמד)

How do you say stand up in japanese?

The verb 'tatsu' means "to stand." To command someone to stand up, you may say 'tatte kudasai.'

How do you say stand in German?

aufstehen= to stand up

How does a Germans say stand up?

"Aufstehen" means stand up in German

How to say we give up in Arabic?

We give up : nahno nastaslim written as : نحن نستسلم

How do you say 'disbeliever' in Arabic?

To say 'disbeliever' in Arabic, you would say 'kaffir.'

How do you say liver in Arabic?


In Arabic what we say Ramadan or Ramadhan?

In Arabic we say Ramadan.