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v. declarar, afirmar, aseverar, decir, enunciar, hacer constar, manifestar, poner de manifiesto, relatar

s. estado, condición, situación; estados gubernamentales

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The word "state" in Spanish is "estado". It is pronounced "eh-STAH-doe". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

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Q: How do you say state in Spanish?
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How do you say 'the state of Kansas' in Spanish?

El estado de Kansas would be the best way to say "The state of Kansas" in Spanish.

How do you say city or state in spanish?

city is "ciudad", state is "estado"

How do you say I am going to state in Spanish?

Yendo a estados

How do you say what is our state's name in Spanish?

well you mostly oftenly say it the same but not really

How do you say we are cold in Spanish?

hacemos frio. In Spanish we don't say we are cold, we say we have cold. I like the difference, because cold is a temporary state-not who we ARE (excepting Canadians)

How do you say state of the art in Spanish?

estado de la técnica

How do you say Delaware in Spanish?

The state Delaware is said the same in Spanish as it is in English. Delaware is also said the same in Italian and Latin.

How do you say empire state of mind in spanish?

I don't know, but that song is awesome and ask your math teacher or Google English to spanish translation

How do you say Mississippi in spanish?

"Mississippi" is both spelled and pronounced the same in English and Spanish. In Spanish when one refers to the river, one may say el Rio Mississippi, or of the state, el estado de Mississippi.

How do you say Ohio State 76 Michigan 65 in Spanish?

Ohio State setenta y seis Michigan sesenta y cinco

How do you say sister n law in spanish?

Sister in law in Spanish is cunada.

How do you say I am Spanish?

Soy - I am (permanent state of being) I am funny/happy by nature. Estoy - I am (location, or temporary state of being) I am at home, I am happy (at the moment)