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It depends on whether "I" is a male or female.

Male: Ayfo hagavar she-ani ohev (איפה הגבר שאני אוהב)

Female: Ayfo hagavar she-ani ohevet (איפה הגבר שאני אוהבת)

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Q: How do you say where is the man I love in Hebrew?
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How do you say my love in Hebrew?

to a man: אהובי (ahoovee) to a woman: אהובתי (ahoovatee)

How do you say I love you my friend man to another man in Hebrew?

I love you my friend (male to male): aní ohév otchá, chaverí (אני אוהב אותך, חברי)

How do you say 'love' in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for "love" is "ahava," pronounced "a-ha-VAH."

Do you want to be my valentine in Hebrew?

There is no Hebrew word for Valentine, but you could say: "Do you want to be my love" to a man: atah rotseh lihyot ahuvi to a woman at rotsah lihyot ahuvati

How do you you say the man in Hebrew?

the man = ha ish (האיש)

How do you say ''love is here'' in hebrew?

ahava po (אהבה פה)

What to wish a Jewish man love and good things in the new year of 2011 in Hebrew?

for secular new years, you would just say "happy new year" to a Jewish man.

How can you say your love in Hebrew?

if you are male, your love = ahava shelkha if you are female, your love = ahava shelakh

How do you say 'my father's love' in Hebrew?

my father's love = ahavát aví (אהבת אבי)

How do you say a love that lasts In Hebrew?

A love that lasts = ahavá shenimshéchet (אהבה שנימשכת)

How do you say at this time in Hebrew?

"At this time" in Hebrew is "Baz-man Hah-zeh" (בזמן הזה).

How do you say with Love in Hebrew?

beh-ah-hah-VAH (באהבה)