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Ja mein fürher

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Q: How do you say yes mine fuhrer in German?
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Was Hitler the German leader during World War 2?

Yes - as "Fuhrer" he was the supreme leader.

Was the Fuhrer a dictator in Germany?

Yes. Hitler, known as the Fuhrer, was an absolute dictator.

What does fuhrer mean and why did people call Hitler that?

Because he was the leader of Germany? Führer means 'leader' in German

Did Stalin have a dictator title like Il Duce or Fuhrer?

Yes. Some called Stalin as "Vozhd" which means "Leader" in much the same way as "Fuhrer" means "Leader" in German. However, Stalin was already a nickname as his real name was Josef Dzhugashvili.

How do you say the word 'yes and no' in German?

yes and no = jein

How do you say yes in Austrian?

The language spoken in Austria is German. "Yes" in German is "ja" (pronounced "ya").

How do you say the word Yes in German?


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How Hitler rose to the position of Fuhrer of Germany?

Yes he did on 2 August 1934.

Should the word fuhrer be capitalized when referring to Hitler?

Yes, the word "Fuhrer" should be capitalized when referring to Hitler in his role as the leader of Nazi Germany. This is because it is a title or a specific position in this context.

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