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Q: How do you say yesterday in Latin?
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How do you say tomorrow in latin?

Hodie means today and coridie means yesterdayThe question is for "tomorrow," not "today" or "yesterday." The answer is cras.

What is the latin word for yesterday?

The Latin word meaning "yesterday" is heri.

Is it correct to say I was being in London yesterday?

No, it is not correct. The correct way to say it would be "I was in London yesterday."

Can you say' thank you for yesterday'?

Thanking someone for yesterday infers that someone actually gave you yesterday. It would be better to say, "Thank you for making yesterday special."

When was Say Hello to Yesterday created?

Say Hello to Yesterday was created in 1970.

Do we say 'John's yesterday lecture' or 'John's yesterday's lecture'?

You would say 'John's yesterday lecture' as 'John's yesterday's lecture' would make it an adjective.

How you say yesterday in Portuguese?

Yesterday = Ontem - The day before yesterday = Anteontem

How did they use to say yesterday?

People used to say "yesterday" as "yester-day" in the past.

When was Just Say Yesterday created?

Just Say Yesterday was created on 1992-09-01.

How do you say yesterday in Thai?

Well, I can show you how to say it in Spanish, since I don’t speak Thai. Yesterday: Ayer.

How do you say what did you do yesterday in maori?

You would say "Kei a wai koe i te ra e" in Maori to ask "what did you do yesterday?"

How do you Yesterday morning in Kikuyu language?

To say "Yesterday morning" in Kikuyu language, you would say "Hinonge iria."