How do you spell Nathan in German?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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It's still spelled Nathan, just pronounced differently.

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Q: How do you spell Nathan in German?
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How do you spell Nathan in different languages?


How do you spell swakeleys in German?

the same way you spell it in German

What does the name Nathan gottfried mean?

Nathan is Hebrew for "gift".Gottfried is German for "peace of God".

How do you spell 59 in German?

How do u spell fiffty nine in German

How do you spell two in german?

Zwei is how you spell two in German.

How do you spell Nathan from icarly last name?


Is Nathan kress Asian?

Some people think Nathan come from Asian descent, but he is actually German, Irish, and Scottish. The surname Kress comes from German descent. .

How Spell 222 in German?

In German, you would spell 222 as "zweihundertzweiundzwanzig."

What is Nathan Kress' ethnicity?

He has a family heritage of Scottish, German, and Irish

How do you spell street in German?

You spell it "Straße".

How do you spell the word 'and' in German?

und is and in German

How do you spell 'It' in German?

"It" is spelt "es" in German.