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Katholischer Pfarrer

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Q: How do you spell catholic priests in German?
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Are there currently any female priests in the Catholic Religion?

If you mean priests, no. There are no female Catholic priests

What are the differences between Catholic and Christian priests?

None, Catholic priests are Christian priests.

Are there any married Catholic priests practicing in Houston?

No. Catholic priests do not get married.

When was Society of Catholic Priests created?

Society of Catholic Priests was created in 1994.

Do German Catholic priests receive salaries from states?

Indirectly, as far as I know, the German priests receive their paycheck from their diocese - their Bishop, but the vast bulk of the diocesan income is from a tax levied against all those who declare the Catholic Church is their Church, thus the state takes an automatic deduction, and supports the Catholic Church, the protestant church, and the Jews, all through this income deduction.

Are village priests sons of higher-level priests?

In the Catholic Church, priests are celibate, therefore this question does not apply to the Catholic Church.

Are there priests in Cambodia?

yes there are catholic and Buddhist priests.

Does India have priests?

Yes, their are catholic priests in India.

Are there more Catholic priests than Christian pastors?

Yes Catholic priests are more then christian pastors.

Why aren't Roman Catholic priests Jesuit priest?

The Jesuit Order or the Society of Jesus is a Catholic Religious Order. Most Jesuits are ordained Catholic Priests, it is just a specific subset of priests.

Does Indonesia have priests?

Yes. Buddhist priests, Hindu priests, Catholic priests, Protestant ministers, Muslim Imams...

What is the name for a series of daily services given by Catholic priests?

diocesan priests, or abby priests?