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There is no such word in Hebrew, but some Israelis might recognize the English word.

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Q: How do you spell evangelist in Hebrew?
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What can you spell with the letters asteldivgecn?

There is no anagram. You can spell "evangelist CD" or "neglect divas." The longest word is "evangelist."

How do you spell evangelist?

That is the correct spelling of the noun "evangelist" (a promoter of religion, often a traveling minister).

What is the Hebrew word for Evangelist?

There is no Hebrew word for Evangelist. When the word occurs in foreign movies in Israel, it's left untranslated, and usually pronounced eh-VAHN-gheh-leest.

How do you spell Gerhard-us Koenraad in Hebrew?

How do you spell "Gerhard-us Koenraad" in Hebrew

What is the Hebrew name for Ashlei?

There is no equivalent in Hebrew for "Ashlei" but you can spell it אשלי

What does zmgh spell in Hebrew?

zmgh has no meaning in Hebrew.

What does Babara means in Hebrew?

It has no meaning in Hebrew. if you actually meant "Babara", you can spell it באברה But if you meant "Barbara", you can spell it ברברה

How do you spell klotz in Hebrew?

Klotz is not a Hebrew word, so you would just spell it phonetically as קלוץ

How do you spell the word aima in Hebrew?

Aima (horror) in Hebrew:

How do you spell Chelsea in Hebrew?

Chelsea is spelled צ'לסי in Hebrew.

How do you spell Civia in Hebrew?

It depends on how you pronounce "Civia". If I were to guess at its pronunciation, I'd spell it סיוויה in Hebrew.

What is the Hebrew name for Tmeiko?

There is no Hebrew name for Tmeiko but you can spell in in Hebrew letters as טמייקו