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Mechanischer Bleistift

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Q: How do you spell mechanical pencil in German?
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How do you spell mechanical pencil?

mekanical pancil

How do you spell sharpener in German?

Pencil sharpener = Bleistiftspitzer Knife sharpener = Messerspitzer

Which mechanical pencil lead equals a number 21 regular pencil?

A o.7 mechanical pencil will do the job.

What is the German for pencil?

The German for pencil is der Bleistift.

How many inches is a mechanical pencil?

A mechanical pencil is just about the same size as a normal pencil, about 6 inches long.

How do you make a mechanical pencil into a shaky pencil?

you can't

What is the German word for pencil?

English: "the pencil" is German:"der Bleistift".

What energy transformation is used in an pencil sharpener?

Mechanical energy from your hand is converted into rotational mechanical energy to turn the blade inside the pencil sharpener. This rotational mechanical energy is then used to shave and sharpen the pencil, converting mechanical energy into potential and kinetic energy of the pencil shavings.

What is the function of the mechanical pencil?

. it serves as the writing point of the pencil

Is a pencil sharpener a mechanical energy?

A pencil sharpener itself is not considered mechanical energy. Mechanical energy refers to the energy associated with the motion and position of an object, while a pencil sharpener is a tool that uses mechanical components to sharpen pencils by grinding the pencil tip against a blade or abrasive material.

Who invented the Mechanical pencil and Why did they invent the mechanical pencil?

Derek L. Lozano and Francis Penis Major created the first mechanical pencil by joining the characteristics of a ball point pen with the convenience of an erasable pencil. First on sale in 1987! They said to have invented the mechanical pencil because they thought that using pencils killed to many tress as well as killing the enviroment...

Is there a pencil that doesn't fall off your desk?

It is called the mechanical pencil!