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Graphis.... although the spelling of Greek words in English is rather subjective.

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Q: How do you spell the word draw in English to pronounce it in greek?
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How would you spell draw in plural form?

Draw. That is it.

How do you pronounce to draw in french?

tirer , dessiner

How do I spell wallah?

The correct way to spell the word "wallah" is actually spelled as "voilà." It is a French expression commonly used in English to indicate a sudden or miraculous occurrence or to draw attention to something.

Is draw the correct way to spell draw as in storage draw?

Not quite - it's 'drawer'

How do you pronounce maon?

English pronunciation: Ma-on. "A" as in "father," "o" as in "tone." Proper Hebrew pronunciation: as in English, but with an epiglottal movement on the "o."

Is this how you spell droor?

No, that is not right. There is no such word as "droor" in the English language.You might be trying to spell drawer. This is a compartment which slides open, often found in furniture."Put this in the drawer please".Or you might be trying to spell draw. This is the action of creatively putting something onto paper."I will draw you a picture".

What spells could we do other than a love spell?

There is a spell to ease heartache, for confidence, to banish fear, a springtime spell to draw love, to increase attractiveness and confidence, seed of success spell, to draw good energies to you and many more.

How do you spell draw in french?

to draw is translated 'dessiner' in French.

How do you say draw in Greek?

To say draw in Greek, you would say "klí̱ro̱si̱" which is written like this : "κλήρωση." You can use the Internet to accomplish simple translations.

What does 'graph' mean in Greek?

To write or draw.

What is 'I like to draw' when translated from English to Italian?

"I like to draw!" in English is Mi piace disegnare! in Italian.

How do you draw the Greek god ZEUS?

To draw Zeus, you can start by sketching a basic outline of his body and then adding in details like flowing hair, a beard, and a powerful posture. Make sure to include his signature attributes like a thunderbolt and an eagle, as Zeus is often depicted holding these symbols. Study reference images of Zeus in classical art to capture his iconic features accurately.