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Boanerges comes from the Hebrew phrase bnei regesh (בני רגדש) which means "children of feelings" or "children of emotion"

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Q: How do you translate 'Boanerges ' in Hebrew?
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You can't actually translate it, but you can write it out in Hebrew letters:Kacey = קייסי

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go google translate and translate to Hebrew then click the speak button!!!!!!!!

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Pigeon, in Hebrew, is יונה

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You can't translate Aldo into hebrew. But you can choose a Hebrew name with a similar sound, such as Alon (אלון) or Adi (עדי)

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Clarke doesn't translate to anything in Hebrew. Clark is an Old English name that means "scribe."

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Osher (אושר)

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You can't translate the name Gina into Hebrew. But you can write it phonetically as ג׳ינה.You can also choose a Hebrew name with a similar sound, such as Dina (דינה) or Rina (רינה)

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You can't translate foreign names into Hebrew unless they originated from Hebrew. You can either spell the the names phonetically using Hebrew or choose Hebrew names that have a similar sound or meaning.

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