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She ain't no one-trick pony! (American Western genre)

I only have one trick up my sleeve.

Let me show you a card trick.

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Q: How do you use trick in a sentence?
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How do you use the word trick in a sentence?

use it like magic trick or you tricked someone hope that helped

How do you use devastating in a sentence?

He Was Devastated when he failed the trick.

Use the word logic in a sentence?

logic is a trick

How do you use distracting in sentence?

The magician's real trick is in distracting the attention of his audience.

Use artifice in a sentence?

I know you are trying to trick me with your daily artifices and treacheries.

How can you use the word chagrin in a sentence?

I Felt Chagrin when My Dog Played a Trick On Me

How do you use luminate in a sentence?

Luminous- The sweets in the trick or treat bowl were luminous

How do you use telepath in a sentence?

today in math class we learned telepaths might be confusing. or trick

How do you use magic in a sentence?

Today I saw someone on TV that performed a magic trick, it was really good!

How do you use the word next in a sentence?

For my next trick, I will lift an 800 pound lion!I am standing next to my sister.

How do you use the word legerdemain in a sentence?

The magician, an expert at legerdemain, performed an intricate card trick that stumped the crowd.

How do you use the word admittedly in a sentence?

Admittedly, this may be a trick question, but I shall endeavor to provide the answer, none-the-less.