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The word game was borrowed from English and is quite simply ゲーム (ge-mu). It is pronounced exactly like game, but with a slight 'u' sound on the end.

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Q: How do you write Nintendo in Japanese?
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yes the Wii is created by Nintendo a Japanese video game company

Do Japanese Nintendo DS Games have the official Seal?

All the Nintendo certified games,merchandise,and consoles have the Nintendo seal on it.Even Japanese games have it!

Where was the first Nintendo made?

hint, Nintendo is a Japanese name

Where was the Nintendo made64?

Nintendo is a Japanese company who are based in Kyoto, this would be where the Nintendo 64 was made.

Who were the founders of Nintendo?

Fusajiro Yamauchi founded the Japanese business, Nintendo.

Is Nintendo an American company?

No, it is Japanese.

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Yes, the Nintendo 3DS LL is the Japanese name for the Nintendo 3DS XL

Is the Nintendo 3DS from russia?

No the Nintendo 3DS was invented from Nintendo based in Japan. The Nintendo 3DS was Built and put together in ether china or Thailand. The Nintendo 3DS is Japanese.

What does the word Nintendo from English translate to japanaese?

A: "Nintendo" means "leave luck to heaven"

Is Nintendo power written by Nintendo?

No, It is not. The people who write Nintendo Power DO NOT work or are affiliated with Nintendo. I am an Avid Reader and there is NO connection. NO ITS NOT

How do you write mosqueda in Japanese?

モスクエダ this is how you write mosqueda in Japanese

If you buy a Japanese game will it be in English on your Nintendo?