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You begin the question with a capital & end it with a ?as in "What do you want to do tonite?" - response - "Well what do you want to do?"
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Q: How do you write a personal response question?
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How do you write a personal response to a picture?


What does personal response mean in writing?

You may find this frustrating, but anything you write, provide you aren't plagiarizing someone else, is a personal response. It comes from you, the writer, therefore it is personal.

How do you write a free response?

The clue is in the question. However you wish.

What is the format for a personal response?

When writing a personal response write it like any other letter. The only major difference is the use of friendly words and phrases as opposed to formal ones.

What is the definition of a personal response?

a personal response is personal, its in your own words, and explains how YOU feel about things / opposite of Critical Response

What topic would someone most likely write a personal essay about?

Someone most likely write a personal essay about topics that are deeply personal and meaningful to them, such as pivotal life experiences, significant relationships, challenges overcome, or personal growth and self-discovery.

How do you write a good question?

To write a good question the answer to the question can't be a yes or no answer or something simple like that. A good question would be: "What was your opinion of the character in...... movie?" The question must not be to broad either. This question will get a good response rather than. "how was the movie?" is too vague.

Does the confederate flag have a place in your modern society?

This question is one of personal opinion. Your teacher is asking this question to get you to write about your personal feelings, not those of an anonymous answerer on the Internet.

You wish to write a personal letter to Nelson Mandala?

Could you please explain what the question is?

How can a Personal Response System be used in group teaching?

The personal response systems can provide immediate interaction between a teacher and students in an online or classroom setting. They allow for the use of a wireless transmitter to be used by the students to answer a question or make a comment.

How do write a good opening sentence for a response?

Begin by restating the question and stating your own opinion. Then support that with facts.

How do you write a response to a dismissal letter reason for leaving employment?

To answer the question, the circumstances stated in the dismissal letter or what type of response you would make to a dismissal letter must be known.