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"Adōn Nirshiga Deva" = אדון נירשיגה דיווה

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Q: How do you write lord nirshiga deva in Hebrew?
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How do you write and say ''the Lord has spoken'' in Hebrew?

In modern Hebrew: Hashem diber (השם דיבר) or (ה' דיבר).

How do you write 'the Lord's' in Hebrew?

Shel Hashem (של השם)

How do you write 'where the spirit of the lord is there is liberty' in hebrew?

where the spirit of the lord is there is liberty = איפה שיש רוח ה׳, גם יש חופש

How do you write Lord of Lords King of Kings in Hebrew?

king of kings = melech ha-melachim lord of lords = adon ha-adonim

Who was the first monarch of utkal to declare himself as the deputy of lord jagannath?

purushottama deva

How do you write a KING Of kings AND LORD Of lords in Hebrew?

king of kings = מכך מלכים lord of lords = אדון אדונים

How do you write wait upon the lord and he shall renaw your strength in Hebrew?

חכה לאדון והוא יחדש את כוחך

How do you say who is like the lord in Hebrew?

Who is like the lord = Mi kmo Adonai (מי כמו ה׳)

How do you say lord in Hebrew?


What is the Hebrew name that means Lead by the LORD?

There isn't a Hebrew name with this meaning.

House of the Lord in Hebrew?

The House of The Lord is a HOLY place where The Almighty dwells. If you are asking how to say this in Hebrew, it is: בית השם = beit hashem

What is the original langue for the lord's prayer?