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There is no L in the Japanese language, but some Japanese can still say it with practice. If they cannot pronounce it properly they will most of the time use an R in its place. It's like somebody who cannot roll their Rs trying to roll their Rs, it's possible, but not easy and not natural.


That about says it, yes. If a Japanese person tries to just say "L", it usually comes out as "eru", while saying something like "lock" would come out as "rokku".


There is neither a 100% R nor a 100% L in Japanese, what they can pronounce naturally is a mild R most of times. If to give it percentage it's like 70% R 30% L, they don't say R with emphasis like other languages. Same goes with F and H (fu).

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There is no distinction in Japanese between R and L. The "R-like" consonant in Japanese sounds somewhat like a cross between R and L. In the syllable "ro" it sounds more like an L.

In all romanization systems, this sound is written with an R.

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You cant, Japanese dont use the letter 'l' they use 'r' (with a l'ish sound to it) instead.

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Q: How do you write the letter l in Japanese?
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