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how does financial problems affects students academis peformances

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Q: How does financial problem affect to the academic performance of the students?
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What are the related literature about the effects of financial problem to a student?

The effects of financial problems on students have been widely studied in the literature. Research shows that financial stress can negatively impact academic performance, mental health, and overall well-being. It can lead to increased dropout rates, poor decision-making, and reduced engagement in school activities. Various interventions like financial literacy programs and emergency aid have been proposed to support students facing financial difficulties.

How do financial problem affect the students?

Financial problems can negatively impact students by causing stress, affecting their ability to focus on their studies, leading to feelings of anxiety or worry about their future, and potentially limiting their access to resources necessary for academic success, such as textbooks or technology.

What is the most common problem of the student?

FINANCIAL PROBLEM one of the common problem of most students

How does bilingualism influence the academic performance of pupils in Cameroon schools?

Bilingualism in Cameroon schools can enhance cognitive skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, leading to improved academic performance. Students who are bilingual may also have better language skills and an increased capacity to understand complex concepts in multiple languages. However, challenges may arise for students if they do not have equal proficiency in both languages or if there is a lack of support for their bilingual development.

What are the effect of financial problem for student?

Financial problems affect students in different ways. Many times the students have to go hungry because they have no money. The students may also have to work more than one job and will be to tired to study.

What theories best explain academic performance?

Several theories can explain academic performance, including the social learning theory, which emphasizes the influence of social experiences on learning; the self-efficacy theory, which highlights an individual's belief in their ability to succeed; and the cognitive theory, which focuses on mental processes such as memory and problem-solving skills. These theories suggest that academic performance is influenced by a combination of environmental, psychological, and cognitive factors.

What stress factors can affect sports training and performance?

Some are a death in the family, a problem at home or financial problems

What are the effects on the behavior of students in regards with their academics of having parents working abroad?

It affects my academic performance because no one would help and assist me with my homework, assignment and if I have problem in my studies I have no parents to talk to.

Why is critical thinking important academically?

Critical thinking is important academically because it helps students analyze information, evaluate arguments, and make well-informed decisions. It enables them to engage with complex ideas, question assumptions, and develop sound reasoning skills. In academic settings, critical thinking leads to deeper understanding, better problem-solving abilities, and improved academic performance.

How to Improve Problem-Solving Skills at Home of Studentssss?

As students grow through their academic journey, they face a lot of difficulties that requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills…Read More

Why students stop studying what are the solution in this situation and who often stop boy or girl?

financial problem, working student, both

What are the effects of family size on students academic performance?

Investigations have found the measures of family structures on student's academic achievement that is related more to academic results that measures the family's background. Family structure is related to student's academic achievement. It is important, to know the relationships between family background, for example, ((Stephen J. Ceci) and his colleagues (1997) propose that the efficacy of a family influence for academic success is determined to a large degree by a child's family background.)(Stephen J. Ceci). They observe that parent-child interactions that lead to their academic achievement performance. The study shows that the attitudes of the student's parents affect the academic success of their children. School Behavior: teenagers in families are less likely to have problem behavior in school and tend to have higher levels of academic achievement. Family structure was associated by parents' educational with their children's learning. Students and their families provide their own happiness and educational preference. And there may be little that can be done to avoid this when this is a result of families' decision to change their jobs. In this case, the only response is that maybe better to tell students and parents about the problems they face at school that can result from changing schools. Students and parents can try to resolve problems at school before deciding a school transfer. If possible, students can make school changes between terms or at the end of the school year. When a transfer is made, parents should personally sign students into their new school and meet with a school teacher, they should also make sure that their child's school is better from their previous school.