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Any distractions keep you from learning effectively. Most people need some sort of soft noise in the background -- total silence seems to drive many of us buggy! -- but nothing loud enough to make you pay attention to it.

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Absolutely. The more distractions there are around you, the less you are able to memorize things.

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Q: How does noise affect the ability to memorize?
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Does gender affect your ability to memorize things?

No, it doesn't. There is no diffrence between memory in males and females

What is the ability to memorize well?

A personal skill

Do noise distractions affect a person's ability to perform time tests?

yes, i know this because i did a science experiment on it

What is an animal with great mathematical ability?

A chimpanzee: they are related to humans and are able to memorize numbers quickly.

Does noise affect taste?

Noise does not affect taste. However, a noisy environment may also include dust and chemicals that could affect the taste.

How did trains affect society?

Because of it noise,it has too much noise

How does your eye memorize things?

its a special gift that only some people are born with called photographical memory. its when whenever you look at somthing you memorize it. You cant teach your eyes to do that

How do you increase memorizing ability?

By memorizing more things. The more you memorize, the more you will be able to memorize. There are some herbal products on the market said to help the process, but I haven't seen any impressive clinical trials out of them.

What is noise immunity in digital electronics?

Noise immunity is the ability of a system to perform even when there is noise present. The higher the level of noise a system can still operate under, the higher the noise immunity.

Can autism affect a baby's ability to crawl?

it shouldn't affect a baby's ability to crawl

What are five sources of noise that can affect a bit on a wire?

geological noise electronic noise vacuum cleaner gas lamp uncontrolled ground noise

How does noise affect your health?

it can break your eardrum