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It depends on the specific program of study, the degree type, the degree level, the specific school, and country obtained in.

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Q: How does one write a college degree or certificate abbreviation?
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What is the Abbreviation for associate's degree in interior design?

An AA is a two year college degree that you will only use on applications. So, you would write AA in interior design.

On what occasions would a college graduate write their degree acronym after their name?

Typically, the abbreviation is for those who have either a master's or doctorate degree, and used when work related.

How do you write request letter for getting transfer certificate and study certificate from college MBA?

how do you write request letter for getting transfer certificate and study certificate from college in MBA

How do you write your name and degree?

I write my name followed by my degree abbreviation, such as "John Doe, PhD" for Doctor of Philosophy.

How do you write associate's degree on resume?

The abbreviation for the word "association" just so happens to be the first five letters that you find in this particular word, which is "assoc."

How do you write the Abbreviation for masters degree in elementary education after your name?

Kathleen Snow

How do you write letter of late subbmission of migration certificate?

Request for late submission of migration certificate in college

How do you write application for taking character certificate or dmc from any college?

for school

How do you write tc request letter in college?

I hereby request you to issuing the transfer certificate.

Where did mike lupica get his degree in college?

he graduated from Boston college

What is a specific purpose statement?

If you are asked to write a specific purpose statement on a college application, you should discuss your reason for going to college. You should write about what you hope to gain from a college degree.

What is Abbreviation for bachelor of finance?

You write a bachelor degree as BA or BS. This degree is NEVER placed after a name like a Masters or Ph.d and it is only used in a resume or application.