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I am seeking an Executive MBA from Marshall University. It is a 16-month program and the next cohort will be forming in Summer 2011. It caters to professionals who have been out in the working world for at least five years. If you fit the minimum requirements, the GRE is waived. If you are younger and take the GRE and get in expect to learn as much from your cohort members as you will from the faculty. If you are a longtime professional, expect to be challenged in the classroom and play a role in sharing your experience with your peers.

It's a fantastic program with stellar faculty and staff support. It is affordable in terms of EMBA programs, is accredited and includes both domestic and international residency components. I highly recommend it as we are treated as professionals and not undergraduates. Classes are continual except on University or federal hollidays and meet every Saturday at the South Charleston Campus.

You can e-mail the director of the program, Dr. Uday Tate, at, for more information.

Good luck on your MBA!

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Q: How is MBA at Marshall university?
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