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how to prepare lux soap

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Q: How is lux soap prepared in industry?
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When was Lux - soap - created?

Lux - soap - was created in 1899.

Customer benefits of lux soap?

theory of lux

Minimum manufacturing cost of lux soap?

manufacturing cost of lux soap

Is Lux soap good?

Yes Lux soap is good but also it cam nake your skin dry

Which Lux soap arrived 2012 In bangladesh?

purple Lux

Which new lux soap arrived in 2012?

Purple lux

Where can one purchase Lux soap?

Lux soap can be purchased in your local cosmetic shop and/or supermarket. Another possibility is to purchase online through Amazon and/or eBay. Wholesales or outlets are an excellent opportunity to buy Lux soap.

Does lux soap contain pig fat?

Lux soap does not contain pig fat. Lux soap contains natural plant oils such as jojoba, cocoa butter and Shea butter. The soap also relies on natural plant fragrances instead of animal fats.

Is rambha is brandambassdor of lux soap?

no she was not...

What is slogan of lux soap?


Who are the competitors of vivel soap?

It is Lux.

Which lux soap new arrived 2012 in Bangladesh?

Purple lux