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Calculus AB is the branch of the calculus curriculum offered by the College Board exam administration. It differs from its counterpart, Calculus BC, in that AB only covers material into a standard "college" introductory calculus course.

Usually, Calculus AB corresponds to a typical university's Calculus I course (or similarly named). In contrast, BC is a more accelerated course which covers material that corresponds to both Calculus I and II. This may vary depending on the university, as some combine both Calculus I and II into one course, in which case AB would only cover one semester of material.

Calculus AB includes content based on limits, continuity, differentiation, integration, the IVT, the MVT, the EVT, and the FTC.

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AP Calculus AB is a less strenuous course than BC, and can possibly get you credit for calc 1 in college

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Q: How is the AP Calculus AB Test Scored?
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Will the ap calculus ab exam have newton's law of cooling?


Is AB calculus AP a post-secondary course?

AP Calculus AB is a post-secondary course that is also offered in many high schools. Students that score high on the AP exam may not have to take certain college math courses.

What is Calculus AB?

Calculus AB is a Calculus course taught in high schools based on an AP curriculum. The class is supposed to ultimately prepare a student to take the AP Calculus AB exam in May. While the specifics might vary from school to school, the core of the curriculum are limit definitions, differentiations, integrations, and applications of all of the above.

How do you pass AP Calculus AB?

Study every single thing in math

What IB Maths SL grade is equivillent to AP calculus AB level 4 OR 5.?

Somewhere between a 5-7 depending on how well you test and the internal assessments. As I understand it, Calculus AB is more in depth on calculus subjects than ib math but there are more topics in ib math.

What does AB in AP Calculus AB stand for?

I don't think they stand for anything. AB just means the first and second parts, and BC is the next parts.

Is chyten or chandler better for ap ab calculus tutoring?

Never heard of Chandler - but Chyten is amazing!

What is the difference between ap calculus ab and ap calculus bc?

yes it will definitely help you for BC next year.

If you took calculus in high school where does that place you in college?

Depends on the college, but the Calc AB test usually counts for 1 semester and the Calc BC test usually counts for 2. To get the credit, you'll need to get a 4-5 on the AP exam.

Is calculus 1 the same as calculus ab?

Short answer: They're similar, but Calculus AB covers a bit more (and goes more in-depth) than Calculus 1. Long answer: The AP Calculus AB test covers differentiation (taking derivatives) and early integration (taking antiderivatives), including the concept/applications of an integral and integration by substitution. In college, Calculus 1 covers mostly differentiation and Calculus 2 covers additional strategies for integration and series. I like to think of it like this: A = Differentiation B = Integration C = Series So Calculus AB covers differentiation and integration and Calculus BC covers integration and series. College is more like: Calc 1 = A Calc 2 = B&C Of course, this depends on how much you cover in high school and college.

What high school subjects are required to study mechanical engineering?

honors physics / ap physics honors pre-calculus / ap calculus AB/BC honors chemistry engineering mechanics

is AP statistics better looked at by 4 year universities than AP calculus?

No, AP Calculus is a far more difficult course.