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Q: How long can teachers go on strike?
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Do teachers have the right to go on strike?

Texas is a "right to work" state, meaning that teachers cannot be forced to join a union or professional organization. The penalty for teachers who go on strike in Texas is revocation of teaching certification.

What are the disadvantages of a strike?

teachers who go on strike have a high chance to lose their job.

What are the disadvantages of strike?

teachers who go on strike have a high chance to lose their job.

What are Risks that teachers face when they go on strike?

getting fired

Can teachers strike in Minnesota?

Minnesota does not allow teachers to strike.

What was the 1968 Florida teachers strike?

The Florida teachers' strike was the strike carried out by the teachers because they were not getting paid for the rise in attendance at their schools.

Can Indiana teachers strike legally?

It is illegal in the state of Indiana for teachers to strike.

What are some claims as to why teachers should go on strike?

I know that one claim is that it will improve working conditions and pay.

Can teachers strike in New Jersey?


What does school closed by strike mean?

Not often, but sometimes teachers and administrators do not agree on the terms of the teachers' contracts. This sometimes results in teachers going on strike and schools cannot open until the differences are settled.

How long does a Nerf long strike bullet go?

35 feet =D

Why are teachers on strike?

Teachers are going on strike because the government is not listening to them . The teachers want their pay to rise, have less students in a class and have more class rooms and they want more resources for the students.