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Visit to find out.

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Q: How long is the official membership intake process of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority?
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Does alpha kappa alpha sorority conduct credit checks for membership?

Yes, it is now a part of the (MIP) membership intake process.

What are the membership intake courses for Zeta Phi Beta Soroity?

You fill find out if you become a member of the sorority. Please visit the website at

Why aka's hold up the pinky finger?

The pinky finger gesture is thought to be a sign of acknowledgment, respect, or unity among those involved in the AKAs sorority. It symbolizes their sisterhood and shared values within their organization.

Does alpha kappa alpha have to have membership intake process every year?

It depends, is it the undergraduate chapter or the graduate chapter? Where I attend college, the AKA's conduct the intake process each semester. Traditions change, a couple of years back they were conducting intake's every other year. It also depends on the chapter you are personally interested in. What the AKA's do in California may not be the same in Georgia or the Virgin Islands. Do your research and get in touch with an AKA for precise answers to your questions.

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